As we enter 2023 I wanted to get in touch to provide a few little updates and reminders.

Firstly a change in leadership and volunteer roles has taken place here at 186th Sheffield since September 2022. I (Craig) am now the Group Scout Leader, I was one of the founding members of the group in 2016 and have been involved ever since. I look forward to supporting the group to continue to develop and grow in the coming years. I also work locally, managing MASKK. Please note these are different roles as this role in Scouting is a volunteer role.
Emma O has taken on the role of Assistant Group Scout Leader and will be supporting the sections to plan events and activities including camps and sleepovers throughout the year. Emma O is also helping us stay on top of all the badges and awards your children and young people earn so that we can get better at getting them to you more regularly.
Victoria G is the volunteer Treasurer and is available most weeks to speak to about fees. Please do speak to either of us if the fees are a barrier or you are struggling, rather then letting debts grow we can offer support – but only if we know you need it.
Laura remains Group Chair and Grant the Group Secretary, both happy to hear from you if you have any concerns or worries you don’t feel comfortable coming to me about.

Sections are then led by their amazing volunteer teams too and we will be doing some social media posts to introduce each of them further. But anyone in an adult uniform is there for your child and you if you have any questions, if they can’t help they’ll know who can.

A few little reminders: –

  • Uniform – after attending 4 sessions, and deciding to join our group, all children and young people should attend each session in uniform. More info can be found here: https://186sheffield.org.uk/uniform/ but if the cost is a barrier please speak to Emma O or Victoria G as we have a limited supply of donated items. If your child no longer needs their old uniform you might consider donating it to us to help another child.
    Neckers are given to members when they are invested, but if lost please be aware you’ll have to purchase a new one from us for £5. So write your child’s name on the label so lost ones can be returned if found.
  • Badges – please remember to sew the badges on the uniform, this is a great way for your child/young person to show their accomplishments. Unsure where to put them? Use the link above about Uniform.
  • Arrival Times – Squirrels start at 4:30pm, Beavers and Cubs at 6:15pm and Scouts 7:15pm. If your child/young person arrives much earlier than this then we might not be ready or have enough volunteers to supervise them. This means you may be asked to wait in reception until the start time.
  • Members Facebook Group – If you use Facebook, the members only group is a great way to stay in touch with us and get more regular updates. If you haven’t joined already you can do so by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/186sheffield it is only for parents/carers of members only so it asks you to put your child’s name – you’ll not be accepted to join if this isn’t completed.
  • Group Calendar – want to know what the sections are up to? Save the links below or sync them with your calendar to keep up to date (there’ll sync with the new term ASAP):

Dates for your diary: –

  • February 13thSquirrels / Beavers / Cubs holiday social. We’ll be visiting Air Haus, 6pm until 7:30pm (cost covered by your subs). Parent/carers will have to bring and collect children but are welcome to stay and enjoy a hot drink in the café. More details and how to sign up will be shared soon!
  • TBC April – Easter Scavenger Hunt for our children and families
  • August 11th – 13thFull Group Summer Camp!!! We are excited to be going to Spite Winter campsite in Chesterfield (TBC). Details will be shared in April but there will be a cost of £40 per child/young person to contribute towards the costs. If you start saving now that’s £5 per month in a pot. We’ll know more in April about subsidy options too as we don’t want any child/young person to miss out due to finance. We need cooks/cleaners/help putting up and down tents and more! Speak to Craig or Emma O if you’d like to join our camp helpers! You don’t need to stay over, we also need people able to come and help with specific jobs then head home to your own bed if camping isn’t your thing.
  • Tuesday 31st October – Halloween activity in Manor Fields Park
  • Sunday 12th November – Remembrance day event and
  • Monday 18th December – end of year carols and awards in place of the regular session, for parents/carers to attend too. 6:30pm until 7:30pm

Please do get in touch if you have any questions. General questions are great to post in the Facebook group as others may be thinking the same and more us can answer. But for more specific or private things you can email me using craig@186sheffield.org.uk