We hope everyone had a lovely break over the festive period and are looking forward to the new year! Our sections start back the week starting 15th January for the new term we’ll be welcoming new children and young people as well as new potential volunteers.

We sent a detailed update out in December, if you haven’t read it yet you can do so here: https://186sheffield.org.uk/member-update-dec23/

But here are some key things to note:

Parent/Carer Meeting

On Monday 15th January at 6:15pm we are asking parents/carers of the Beavers and Cubs to stay for a short meeting and discussion to discuss a potential parent helper rota. The children have been asking for more adventurous and outdoor activities but we have not been able to because we do not have enough adults to help supervise. Please join us Monday to chat about how even helping 1 session a term could help us make the sessions better for your children.


A new term means some children will be transitioning to another section. Those effected will receive an email to confirm details but don’t rush out for new uniform, they are welcome to attend the new session in their previous uniform for the first 4 weeks to celebrate moving on. More details can be found here: https://186sheffield.org.uk/moving-on/

Summer Camp

Save the date….. 16th until 18th August will be our full group camp. Squirrels will be invited 17th until 18th and the Scout Section potentially will be invited to stay until 19th. More details will be shared in the coming months. The estimated cost will be £50 for the full weekend (£30 for Squirrels).


Talk to Emma or Victoria if you have any questions about subscriptions or need some support, please do not just let debts build. Face to face can feel embarrassing, especially if others are around, so feel free to email them using accounts@186sheffield.org.uk.

As always, any questions or comments then please get in touch! There may be a delay in replies as we are all volunteers, but we will get back to you.

Yours in Scouting

Volunteer Group Leadership Team