As a group, we need to cover the cost of equipment and the running costs. There is also an annual membership fee paid to UK Headquarters for the day to day running of the Scout Association, that includes insurance for all members, and this is what the bulk of the monthly subscriptions goes towards. In addition to these costs, there are the costs of running a meeting (rent, resources, activities, etc); group resources (equipment, camping gear, etc); and section resources (uniform, badges, etc). All adults that are involved in scouting are volunteers and give their time up freely with no expectation of remuneration. As you can imagine, these costs soon add up, for example, the average cost of each badge is 90p and per year we spend over £500 on badges alone.

We have been able to secure some funding from the Manor and Castle Ward Pot for our group enabling us to offer our subscriptions at a discounted rate for people who live in the Manor and Castle area. We aim to continue this through fundraising.

We have kept these costs as low as possible and spread them across the whole year allowing for lower monthly costs. The following are our current charges:

Standard cost:  £8 per month, paid all year round

Sibling cost:  £6 per month, paid all year round

These rates are only available for those living in the area, and a higher rate may be charged for those living outside the area. Payments can be made by cash, debit card, credit card, or via PayPal.

The subscription cost is payable on a monthly basis, even if your child does not attend a session, this is because of the expenses occurred to the group for that child’s place. We do put on extra sessions at no extra cost for every section. The easiest way to pay is through a regular payment set up through PayPal.

There will also be activities during the year such as events, sleepovers and camps that will incur additional costs. There will also be equipment lists for camps and hikes. We will give notice for additional costs but we recommend using a savings account such as with The Sheffield Credit Union, to put money aside for these costs.

We appreciate that money can sometimes be tight. We are keen to ensure that no child is excluded from any activity based on the cost involved. If you feel this may be an issue for you then please speak to your Section Leader or the GSL and there is a form you can complete to apply for a discount based on your circumstances.

Additionally, we are registered for Gift Aid so that we are able to claim 25 pence for every pound given from HMRC, to allow us to claim this for your subscriptions please ensure you complete a Gift Aid form.

Our preferred method is PayPal for payments. If you would like to set up your payment via PayPal, please see below.

Set up recurring PayPal subscription

Our preferred method is PayPal for payments. If you would like to set up your payment via PayPal, please use the form below which will create the subscription:

Subscription amount
Names of child(ren):

Make a one off payment

If you need to pay a one-off amount, e.g. camps, past subscriptions or any donations, please click the Donate button below:

Please remember to give full details so we can link the payment up easily

Or alternatively, you can visit: to make a one-off payment. This link incurs fees to the group, but the donate button above is free for the group – please use the donate button where possible