Moving on

Beavers, Cubs & Scouts

Try new things. Make new friends. Develop new skills. Soar to great heights. Explore the great outdoors. Jump in and get muddy. Give back and get set.  Continue your scouting adventure

Congratulations! It’s time to move up to the next section. You’ve already learnt some brilliant skills, made some great friends and most importantly had a huge amount of fun. Enjoy your next adventure.

Moving onto your next section

Your next section depends where you are already. Squirrels move onto Beavers, Beavers move onto Cubs and Cubs move onto Scouts. You’ll already know some familiar faces and your section leaders will support you on your transition.


Moving onto your next section is done over a 4 week process. Over 4 weeks you attend both your existing section and the one you’re moving to, with the exception of Beavers moving to Cubs who will attend a some activities within both sections as they meet at the same time.
After 4 weeks you’ll just attend your new section and are ready for investment, plus you’ve earnt yourself your Moving On award! 

Our records

It is important that we have all the correct and relevant details for each young person. Please ensure that you check your child’s details and they are up to date – we need these in case of an emergency. Please log into OSM using the link below.

Visit OSM to check your child’s details >


Your subs don’t change when you move sections. Please continue to pay using the method you already use. You’ll not be charged anything extra whilst moving onto the next section.

Get full subscriptions details >

Weekly meetings

Beavers and Cubs meet at St Swithun’s Church, Cary Road, S2 1JP. Sessions are every Monday, term time. Meetings start at 6:15pm and finish at 7:30pm.

Scouts meet at Temple Park Centre, 197 Harborough Avenue, S2 1QT. Sessions are Thursdays term time. Meetings start at 7:15pm and finish at 8:45pm. 

All sections will deliver extra sessions at weekends or school holidays  from time to time. Occasionally we may hold a longer meeting based on the planned activities.

If we are doing something different we will be sure to let you know. As we are outdoors quite often we always recommend bringing a coat and water bottle to sessions.

Uniform and awards

Once settled Beavers, Cubs and Scouts get their own uniform. Beavers & Cubs wear a jumper and the group necker, whereas Scouts wear a shirt and the group necker. This helps them feel like they belong and comfortable to explore and try things out without getting their normal clothes messy.

Jumpers and shirts need to be purchased by yourselves at the four week mark – we will confirm this at the time. We recommend buying them from the Sheffield Scout shop on Trippet Lane ( where you can try on for size, or the national Scout shops website ( or second hand from us by visiting or sites like eBay. If you need a replacement necker or woggle, these can be purchased from us.

You will find other bits of uniform available including polo tops, hats, etc, that your child may like to wear. These are optional and not required for sessions

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts work hard to complete a range of activity badges and challenge badges. These badges are awarded to the young person every few months and need to be sewn onto their uniform. This also acts as a way for the young person to show others what they have achieved.