The first thing we needed to

do before starting to get things ready

was to look at the route to Hundle.

We did this by looking at google maps

for our route.

The next session, we

got the supplies we

 would need to survive the

camp, including :plates,bowls,

cutlery, tubs and trays.


On the day we split up into 2 groups,

the girls’ and the boys’ group. The boys

set off first, then after 15 minutes the girls

followed, stopping at the shop to get some

snacks for the fun ahead.

After a time that felt like forever, we finally

started to get closer to the half way point,

where the food was awaiting us. We thought

that we got to the point, so waited for a while.

After someone calling for help, we figured that

we were in the wrong spot. So then walked down,

but too far down so turned around, not realising

that we left a member

Milka, Abbie, and Libby