waiting did not slay. we waited in this building for like ages and that was not slay. to make things even more unslay the coach bus thing was late. so. not . slay. anyway, we got on (slay.) and all our stuff was secured, pur,.

on bus

we sat our little tush tushes down and got comfy which was so slay! anyways…after what felt like for EVER the lights started flickering and i just thought “is the power of taylor (swift obvi) to much for this bus???” i like to think we( me and abigail)  shook it off too much. but anyway we got off cause it , unslayingly, “broke down??” me when i realise i have pe tomorrow now that is a BIG unslay. xaviers minecraft videos got interupted which was incredibly unslay. he wanted to bottleflip the bus. he shouldve. wouldve been slay. people were screaming, kinda hurt my ears but ok pop off. anyway we wait on the motorway for agesss which was REALLY NOT SLAY!!!! anyway when we got there the camp absolotely slayeddd. loved it. it ate. slayed. devoured. many funky memories. Great Tower will always and forever slay.


Xavier just slayed in this camp.

Sophie slayed this writing.

special mentions to:

Barny who slayed his reading

Jaylen who slayed his griddy

Marly who slayed his everything

Abigail C.S who just slayed yk??

Abigail o who also just slayed

and malakie who slayed his integrity.

thank you for reading bae. love you. keep slaying queenie.


Xavier and sophie