Starting: Friday 10th July at 6:30pm
Ending: Sunday 12th July at 3pm
Where: In your own home!
Cost: Free

Join us for a weekend of activities you and your family can be part of! Enjoy sleeping out of your bed and completing challenges to earn your Great Indoors badge. It will be a fun opportunity to do some activities in and around your homes, perhaps giving you a chance to explore a new local area too. The programme will consist of some activities from the official ‘Weekender’ programme from Scouts UK, and other activities and suggestions by the Leaders of 186th Sheffield (Manor).

Here you will find information on what to expect as parents/careers in supporting the weekend of activities and complete the programme at home. There’s information regarding risk assessments (please remember you are responsible for your child’s safety during the activities). By participating your child will be completing various parts of badges which will be issued once we are able to meet in person again.
Get your whole family involved not just members – there’s something for everyone!

The plan:

We will hold 3 Zoom meetings over the weekend, including a family quiz on the Saturday that you can all be a part of and potentially win a prize! Scouts UK will be hosting a wide range of activities across the weekend that we will share on our facebook page, facebook group and here on this page – be sure to keep checking this page as it will be updated frequently including links to activities and updates. By joining in with activities from Scouts UK you will be joining groups from across the country and get special messages from celebrity guests.
Please ensure you check this page, our Facebook page ( and our Facebook Group ( often for updates. Do share what you have been up to over the weekend and don’t forget to post stories, photos and videos to our facebook group so that we can all see what you have been doing!
Nights away – To earn their ‘nights away’ badges the children need to sleep outside of their beds, this could be in a den, a tent or somewhere else safe and importantly fun. For the Scout section we are asking if they’d be comfortable making a simple shelter in their garden and sleeping under the stars! Parents are reminded to check that their children remain safe wherever they choose to sleep.

Zoom sessions – We will share links to the Zoom sessions here. As always think about internet safety and younger children should be supervised.


Start your preparations by making your sleeping space! Will it be a den or tent? Will it be under a table or in the garden? Parents might need to help with this.
At 6:30pm join us virtually (via Zoom) for a campfire with Kirsty. We’ll introduce the weekend and the tasks, and also sing some songs! If you’ve already made your place to sleep it would be great to see it too.


There’s a wide range of activities and things to do that Scouts UK will be sharing throughout the day. Please join in with the one’s that take your interest. You can go in and out of sessions to fit around your plans and interests. We have listed a few activity ideas below of local things that you can join in with as well.
At 4:30pm join us virtually (via Zoom) for a family quiz with Craig. We have 4 rounds of questions including a music round, name that brand and more. If each family has a team, you can work together to get the highest score! A prize will be delivered on Sunday to the winning family!
At 7:30pm you are invited to join the Virtual Campfire with Scout Adventures (Scouts UK)
At 8:00pm you are invited to join the Virtual Bedtime Story led by Surprise celebrity guest from Scouts UK


During the day, finish off activities started from Saturday and join in with another range of activities from Scouts UK. Why not get outside and try one of the activity ideas from our leaders (see below)?
At 2pm Join us virtually (via Zoom) to let us know what activities you’ve done over the weekend and share the fun you have had! With break out rooms for each section, so the children can show their leaders.

Other Activity Ideas from the Leaders and the Children:

Rock hunt: #ManorCastleRocks has rocks (more being added Manor Park Green Spaces and in Manor Fields Park) hidden in the area. But similar groups are hiding rocks in our parks too. Ask all participants to find at least one rock or natural/artistic rock formation e.g. Skye Edge or Manor Fields Park, and take a photo. The individual with the most wins points for their section. Check out this link for the Manor Castle Rocks:
Selfie with someone who is a key worker: police officer / fire officer / doctor / shop worker / nurse / carer etc. Find out what they have been doing over the last few months and how they have been benefiting your local community. Parents to help with this, it is a great opportunity to talk to the child about stranger danger at the same time.
Lego challenge: Pick 40 different pieces of Lego and create an animal. Take a photo and then try and make another animal. Take another photo and keep going to see how many you can create from the same pieces. Share with us on Sunday and we will see who makes the most.
Making Slime: Using cornflour as a base you can experiment with consistency by adding different amounts of water. This one will need doing with adult supervision and it will be messy! Why not try food colouring too to make a special slime.
Making a musical instrument:


Our basic risk assessment highlights safety points to consider when running the activities for this weekend. Parents/Guardians should supervise their Scouts at all times to ensure they are safe during all activities. You will not be covered by Scouting insurance during this event as we are not running the activity. Please ensure you practice good social distancing when out and about, plus frequent washing of hands.
Setting Up Camp: Whether setting up a den/tent for this weekend, please ensure that all equipment and constructions are safe. Be mindful of items underneath tents, and of things that may collapse in dens. Tents should be pitched in secure back gardens, and Scouts should be able to access inside the house throughout the night.
Zoom: A Zoom meeting will never start until two leaders are in there and ready to admit the children. We ask that a parent is in the room at all times too.
Cooking: Supervision required throughout cooking. Be mindful of sharp knives, open flames, burn hazards, trips and falls, spillages.
Rock Hunt: If older Cubs and Scouts go rock hunting alone it needs to be with permission of the parent / carer and only to destinations the parent / carer feel are appropriate, ideally where the child / young person would normally play. In the Manor area, rocks are in every local small green space too so children shouldn’t have to go far from home.
Photos: Photos with Key Workers should be done with the permission of the worker and by a parent only. We do not want children and young people approaching strangers. Uploading photos to the Facebook Group must only be completed by parents / carers. No photos should be received directly from a child or young person.
Camp Fires: The Fire Friday night at Kirsty’s Home is completed by Kirsty and her daughter on their private premises using their private equipment and resources. They will adhere to previous fire safety training at all times, including using a designated fire pit, use of approved materials only and keep appropriate distance at all times along with a supply of water. Families will be able to watch and see the fire through Zoom. If you want to have your own fire more details are provided below.

Activities from Scouts UK

The programme from Scouts UK can be found here: Join in with anything that takes your interest and be ready to share your experiences with us on Zoom


Why not plan as a family your Camp Menu and how you wish to cook any of the food you decide you would like to try. Supporting your child / young person to prepare their own meals will help them work towards their Cook/Chef Badge as well as practice more #SkillsForLife.
An adult needs to be supervising children to ensure that they are safe from any burns, scalds, cuts and other accidents that could happen in the kitchen such as slipping on a wet floor. See our cooking section for recipes you can try at home
Menu Ideas for cooking outdoors:
BBQ Sausage and Beans
Pitta Pizzas – wrap in foil for BBQ/Fire
Pasta Bolognese
Jacket potato with toppings of your choice
Curry and Rice
Remember to wash your hands before touching food!

Helping @ Home

We would like to see and hear how the children and young people are helping out at home this weekend. This will include tidying up a room, washing the pots and making a hot drink for a parent/carer. This will go towards their home help badge.


No camp is complete without a campfire, but if you are planning to have your own please stay safe. Particular care needs to be taken around a fire or BBQ. Ensure long hair is tied back and that the cords from hoodies and other loose clothing are tucked away. Adult supervision is required at all times.

Remember the Fire Triangle
A fire needs oxygen, heat and fuel to burn. Remove one of these elements and the fire will go out. Have a bucket of water handy in case of emergencies.
Fuel = wood or charcoal

Don’t forget this page will be updated throughout the weekend with activities, ideas and suggested activities from Scouts UK – Please keep checking this page and our social media for the latest info

Zoom Sessions

We will host 3 zoom sessions over the weekend. Access all of the sessions by using this link:
The password is found in our facebook group or via text.

Session will be:
Friday 10th July 6:30pm – open and camp fire
Saturday 11th July 4:30pm – family quiz
Sunday 12th July 2pm – close and discussion

Scouts UK Activities

The Great Indoors Weekender has been put together by the national team at Scouts UK. They are putting on a range of activities, videos and celebrity guest appearances. Check out their pages to take part and see how many things you can complete. You can go in and out of activities depending on what you like or what time you have. There is no need to sign up, just follow the links below to access the range of activities on offer:



We will be highlighting certain activities that we think you can’t miss, so keep checking this page and our social media!

Friday Highlights

We will be opening the camp at 6:30pm, join us on zoom to kick start the weekend and have our own campfire led by our Beaver leader Kirsty

Build your dens/tents/shelters and get ready for a night sleeping outside of your bed!

Saturday Highlights

We will host a family quiz at 4:30pm, join us on zoom to be challenged through 4 rounds of questions by Craig. A prize is available for the highest scoring team

Scouts UK will be putting on a range of activities. Visit their website to join in from 12noon until late. Visit to see all the activities and take part.

Our recommendations: (Times are only suggested, do them in any order and go back to them whenever you want)

Sunday Highlights

We will host a closing of camp and chance to reflect at 2pm, join us on zoom to show what you have been up to and speak to other members of our group

Scouts UK will be putting on a range of activities. Visit their website to join in from 8am until 12noon. Visit to see all the activities and take part.

Our recommendations: (Times are only suggested, do them in any order and go back to them whenever you want)

Campfire Cooking

We love to cook outdoors and on a fire and there are many different things you can cook, have a go at some of these recipes and share photos of what you have cooked.

Our recommendations: