Try new things. Make new friends. Develop new skills. Soar to great heights. Explore the great outdoors. Jump in and get muddy. Give back and get set. 

Well done! You’ve been coming for a while now and are ready for investment. See the checklist below for details of investment.
It's time for uniform

Squirrels, Beavers & Cubs wear a jumper and the group necker, whereas Scouts wear a shirt and the group necker. This helps them feel like they belong and comfortable to explore and try things out without getting their normal clothes messy.

Jumpers and shirts need to be purchased by yourselves. We recommend buying them from the Sheffield Scout shop on Trippet Lane ( where you can try on for size, or the national Scout shops website ( or second hand sites like eBay. If you need a replacement necker or woggle, these can be purchased from us.

You will find other bits of uniform available including polo tops, hats, etc, that your child may like to wear. These are optional and not required for sessions.

Confirm the date of investment

We normally will invest on week 5-6. Investments happen at the end of a session – you are welcome to come and join us to see this process. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the end of the session where you can watch the investment take place. Photos can be taken, but please bear in mind not everyone will want their child’s photo taken or displayed on social media. Please be respectful of other’s wishes.

Please confirm with your section leader the exact date of your child’s investment

Finish attending any previous section

If you’ve moved up from another section you now only need to attend your new section. It’s time to make your final goodbyes, but don’t worry, your friends will be moving up sooner than you know it. 

Make sure our records are correct

It is really important that we have all the correct and relevant details for each young person. Please ensure that you check your child’s details are accurate – we need them in case of an emergency. Please log into OSM using the link below to confirm details:
Visit OSM to check your child’s details >

Check subscriptions are being paid

If you’re not already paying your monthly subscriptions, please arrange to make payment. You can find out full details by going to the following link:

Get full subscriptions details >