Creative Maps

Navigator S1

The Hedgehogs, Beavers and Cubs are working towards their Navigator Stage 1 badge this month. To Help complete this they need to create a map of their local area, this for the younger ones could be as simple as using paper and pencils/crayons to draw their house and what is around, maybe their walk to a close by shop or park.

But to make it a little more challenging for the older children we’ve found this great resource that provides printable templates to down load, cut, colour and stick to make a 3D map of you local area. Why not be more creative and use other household items or toys to enhance your map? Once done take some photos or show us in our Zoom Meetings.
This would also be a great way for the Scouts to finish theirs off too.
Cubs/Scouts can work towards their Leadership Badge by helping a younger sibling make one.

Direct links to the templates are here thanks to #architecturefromhome:


You’ll need scissors and glue too, so adults please supervise the younger children. If you are running low on basic craft supplies you can visit and order one of their craft packs that comes with some card, paper etc and you can add paints, crayons and glue. We work together with MASKK and have supported them to find bits of funding to provide some free packs so finance doesn’t have to be a barrier, just change the price to 0 before adding to the basket and select free hand delivery at check out and Craig/Ashley will bring a pack round.

Show us your work!

We would love to see what you have done to complete this activity and how you did it. Share photos, videos, copies of work or anything else on our private facebook group. Parents/Carers visit: to share with us